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Postal address

Alufinish GmbH & Co. KG
Otto – Wolff – Straße 7 – 15
D – 56626 Andernach

Phone: +49 (0) 2632 – 9297 0
Telefax: +49 (0) 2632 – 9297 18


Managing director:
Otmar Monreal

Commercial Register: Koblenz HRA 11462 and HRB 10626

Sales tax identification number: DE 149 245 509

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General Terms and Conditions of Business

Our General Terms and Conditions of Business can be downloaded here as a pdf – file.

Data protection statement

Data constitutes the foundation on which we provide excellent service. But our most important capital is our customers’ trust. Protecting customer data and using it only as intended by our customers has the highest priority for us. It is therefore self-evident that we comply with statutory data protection provisions. In addition, it is important to us that you know at all times what data is stored by us and how we use it.


By using our website, you consent to the storage and usage of your date as specified below this statement. Any amendments to this data protection statement will be made directly on this site so that you are always informed of what data is stored and used by Alufinish GmbH & Co. KG.

Use and appropriation of personal data:

The storage of personal data via our websites is subject to your previous consent. Thus, you alone decide whether you will provide us with certain data, e.g. as requested in an inquiry. Your data can be used at Alufinish GmbH & Co. KG for inquiries, for sending information material, for processing orders or for improving our services and products.
However, the transmission of your data to third parties outside Alufinish GmbH & Co. KG only takes place with your express consent, unless the forwarding of such data is legitimated by applicable law. Your data will only be used for the purposes defined in the following.
The processing and utilisation of your data for purposes of consulting, advertising and market research will only be carried out if you have expressly agreed to such purposes.
No processing of the data takes place in third countries outside the EU.

What information do we gather and for what purposes?

IP addresses / Internet connection data:
IP addresses are needed for problem diagnosis, website administration and demographic information. Whenever you visit our website, we only recognize the domain name of your provider, but not your e-mail address.
We only see your e-mail address if you directly specify this by filling in a form or sending us an e-mail.

Collection and processing of non-personal data:

Each time a user accesses our website, i.e. each time he or she retrieves or tries to retrieve a file on this server, data related to this process are saved in a log file. This data is not person-related. As a result, we cannot trace what data has been retrieved or by which user; nor do we attempt to collect such data.

In detail, the following data set is saved each time data is retrieved:

-Name of retrieved file
-Date and time of retrieval
-Amount of data transmitted
-Report that retrieval was successful
-Report of reason why retrieval may have failed
-The name of your internet provider (this means that our log file only shows, e.g. that a user of AOL or T-Online has visited our site, but not which user)
-Possibly the operating system and browser software of your computer and the website from which you have accessed us.
When you go to individual sites, so-called temporary cookies are used to facilitate navigation. The content of the cookies is not evaluated on a user-related level and such cookies are automatically deleted once the Alufinish GmbH & Co. KG website has been closed.

Contact data:

You will find our contact e-mail address under “Contact” on our website and can send your inquiries and questions to us there.

Application data:

If you send us a job application as an e-mail, your data will of course also be treated confidentially. Your application will be kept in paper form in the Human Resources Department. The applicant’s data will be taken into consideration if the need arises. If you would like us to delete your data, please advise us by e-mail accordingly.

E-mail addresses:

If you specify your e-mail address to us, we can send you information via e-mail. Your e-mail address will not be passed on to any third parties outside Alufinish GmbH & Co. KG.
When sending an e-mail to Alufinish GmbH & Co. KG, it may be possible for personal data to be automatically transmitted as well, depending on the settings in your e-mail programme. Such data will likewise be treated confidentially by us.

Should you no longer want to receive any offers, e-mail messages or information material from us or if you would like your application data to be deleted or destroyed, you can revoke the above granted consent at any time by simply sending us an informal e-mail message stating this wish.
Please use our contact e-mail address for this purpose.
Although all the information on this website has been compiled and verified with all due care, we cannot assume any responsibility for the contents of our own websites always being correct, complete and up to date.

Do you have any other queries on the topic of data protection? Then please get in touch with us:
Responsible official within the meaning of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG):
S&T Deutschland GmbH
Am Flugplatz 35
56743 Mendig
Company official for data protection:

Thorsten Schulz
S&T Deutschland GmbH

Am Flugplatz 35
56743 Mendig

Phone: +49 (0)2652/9350917
Fax: +49 (0)2652/9350933

Public procedure directory of Alufinish GmbH & Co. KG

1. Name of responsible entity:
Alufinish GmbH & Co. KG

2. Proprietors, executive boards, general managers or other managers appointed by law or in accordance with the statutes of the company who are commissioned with the management of data processing:
Otmar Monreal

3. Address of responsible entity:
Otto – Wolff Str. 7 – 15
D – 56626 Andernach

4. Intended purposes of data collection, processing or utilisation
These are the manufacture and distribution of chemicals for surface treatment and finishing as well as the required
·         processing of customers’ orders and production orders and the related support processes such as

    • Management of customers / prospects
    • Purchasing with supplier management
    • Production
    • Quality assurance
    • Warehouse management
    • Shipping
    • Financial accounting and
    • Human resources management and regulation

for our own purposes.

5. Description of persons concerned and the relevant data / data categories
Essentially, personal data relating to the following groups will be collected, processed and used insofar as it relates to natural persons and insofar as the data is required to fulfil the above specified purposes:
·         Customers, suppliers, prospects (mainly company name and address data, identification and creditworthiness data, contract data insofar as required to conclude a contract, turnover, payment and performance data, control data and (possibly) other data required to ensure proper, professional consulting and transactions).
·         Employees, apprentices, interns, applicants, former staff, pensioners / retirees, dependants and relatives (mainly application data such as details of professional career, training and qualifications; any possible criminal record; contract data, historical data and accounting data including data involving wages and salaries, income tax and social security; details of private and business addresses, field of work; transaction and performance data; name and age of immediate family wherever this is relevant to social security benefits; bank account data, items of property entrusted to the employee; contact information; employee status; qualifications; employee appraisals; employment history; health data; emergency contact data such as details provided by the employee concerning selected persons to be contacted in the event of an emergency, for purposes of personnel management and regulation, communication and for conducting and controlling transactions);
·         Representatives / subsidiaries or branch offices (mainly for administration and regulation, for communication and for conducting and controlling transactions, bank account data, accounting and performance data, name, address, contract and regulation data
·         Contact persons for the above mentioned groups, also if these are legal entities (mainly contact coordinates such as address, telephone, fax and e-mail data as well as liaising information)

6. Recipients/categories of recipients to whom the data can be communicated
·         Public authorities that receive the data due to statutory regulations (e.g. social security insurance bodies, fiscal authorities).
·         Internal departments involved in the execution of the relevant business processes (human resource management, bookkeeping, financial accounting, production, purchasing, marketing, distribution and sales, telecommunications and IT).
·         External contractors (service companies) pursuant to § 11 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) who handle the processing of data on our behalf.
·         Further external offices such as financial institutions (salary payments, supplier invoices), affiliated companies or other external bodies for reasons of fulfilling the above specified purposes provided the relevant person has given his written consent, or if this is necessary for the purpose of fulfilling the contract, or the communication is admissible due to a prevailing, justified interest.

7. Standard periods for data deletion:
·         Diverse safekeeping obligations and terms have been issued by the legislator which generally require a safekeeping period of 10 years, although sometimes less. There may also be deviations as a result of statutory or contractual safekeeping terms.
·         On expiry of these terms, the relevant data will be subject to routine deletion unless it is required for contractual performance (e.g. work and service contracts).
·         Provided no data is affected by this, it will be deleted once the intended purpose no longer applies.

8. Planned communication of data to third countries:
·         In principle, no transfer of data to other countries takes place at the present time.
·         (If applicable: The communication of data to countries outside the European Union, or outside the EEA as the case may be, is only carried out within the scope of processing order or contract data, within the scope of a justified interest, or on the basis of the express consent of the parties concerned to the affiliated companies or other service providers. At the same time, appropriate measures are taken to ensure that the entitlements of the parties concerned under data protection law are respected. Employee data may be passed on to customers or to Alufinish GmbH & Co. KG for the purpose of fulfilling the employment agreement and on the basis of a justified interest, of declarations of consent or of company agreements against a background of binding contractual arrangements.
As an exception, the transfer of data may then take place if this is necessary for the purpose of communicating with the contracting partner, on his behalf, or to satisfy the contract.