Decorative, organic, inorganic and electrolytical colouring processes for anodised aluminium. The colour brilliance of coloured goods can be further improved by mechanical pretreatment processes or brightening processes.

  • ALUMINO (R) - dyes - Dip colours based on organic components, available in many different colours
  • Alficolor Gold 602 - Inorganic gold colouring, automatically dosable, for intensive gold colouring with good light fastness,           liquid product
  • Alficolor - Tin colouring - Electrolytical Tin - Color AL process - Products available as ready-to-use-mixes (e.g. Alficolor 677) or as single stabilisers (e.g. Alficolor 697), different variants for cold to warm colour nuances
  • Alficolor 650 - Alficolor 651  - Electrolytical Terra - Color AL process - Enables the production of numerous light to dark brown shades that correspond to wood or earth colours
  • Alficolor  672 - Alficolor  692 - Electrolytical Copper - Color AL process - Enables typical copper colouring on anodised aluminium surfaces
  • Alficolor 680 - Electrolytical Alfisteel - process - Produces light to medium grey tones. The surfaces appear to be made of stainless steel
  • Alficolor 684 - Electrolytical Decor - Grey AL process - For particularly decorative, dark grey colouring on anodised aluminium surfaces