Automatically dosable cold and hot sealing products for use in deionised water and for special applications (e.g. alkali resistance, shorter sealing times, energy saving purposes)

  • Alfiseal 938 - Fastseal AL process - Hot sealing additive for shortened sealing times of up to 1 min/μm
  • Alfiseal  942 - Standard hot sealing process with good filterability and excellent "anti-fingerprint" properties                                         Long service life
  • Alfiseal 969 - Medium-temperature sealing for energy saving, Qualanod approval for an application range of 86 - 90°C
  • Alfiseal 975 - Hot sealing with very good weight loss test values and filterability. Ideal for use in combination with organic Alumino dyes.
  • Alfiseal 982/5 - Alfiseal 961 - Combination process consisting of cold sealing and post-treatment, improves the alkali resistance of anodised aluminium