2nd International Alufinish sales meeting

21. May 2014 Latest news

21.05.2014 – Maribor, Slovenia
In May 2014 the 2nd international sales meeting was organized by Alufinish in Maribor, Slovenia. Also in this year…

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Alufinish participated at GSB International conference in Athens

5. December 2012 Latest news

05.12.2012 – 06.12.2012 – Athens / Greece
On the occasion of GSB International conference in Athens Alufinish presented the newest chrome free pretreatment system…

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Chrome free ENVIROX SG process gets GSB International approval

5. October 2012 Latest news

05.10.2012 – Preliminary approval (no. 303 c) for Alfipas 7816 by GSB International
The new high-performance, zirconium-based passivating agent generates nanomolecular corrosion-protection coatings on a variety of…

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Alufinish International Sales Meeting

18. September 2012 Latest news

18.09.2012 – More than 20 countries participated
In September 2012 the International Sales Meeting was arranged by Alufinish. For the first time partners from more than 20 countries joined the meeting…

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Chromefree no-rinse system ENVIROX NR (Alficoat 748) fulfills 10 years outdoor exposure test in Hoek van Holland

12. February 2012 Latest news

16.02.2012 – Alficoat 748 meets requirements of GSB International in longterm corrosion testing
In 2001 the pretreated and powder coated aluminium panels and profiles were transferred to Hoek van Holland for 10 years outdoor exposure test according to GSB International requirements…

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Successful participation in Dubai fair

11. May 2011 Latest news

11.05.2011 – Alufinish (AFAG FZE) attended for the first time
For the first time Mr. Abdul Saleem – General Manager of AFAG FZE – presented the new Alufinish stand at the Aluminium Dubai 2011 fair from May 9 – May 11 in UAE. The newest developments of Alufinish were shown there.

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