Organic Alumino dyes  

New colour impulses for the anodising sector

What are organic Alumino dyes used for?

Organic Alumino colourants are available in powder form, in a huge variety of shades and a wide range of light-fastness rates. Originally developed for the leather, textile and paper industries, the dyes have been advanced and optimised to ensure they are suitable for pre-treating aluminium. Alumino dyes offer new colour stimuli for indoor and outdoor applications. The dyeing process is carried out as usual, subsequent to anodising and rinsing.

Currently available dye colours

Alumino dye

Colour character


Alumino HF Black BFW

Reddish-blue black

Alumino HF Navy Black 200%

Bluish black

Alumino HF Black 2 F

Greenish black

Alumino HF Black B

Light bluish black

Alumino HF Red

Intense red

Alumino Brilliant Lemon Yellow BF

Intense neon yellow

Alumino Olive Brown HR

Olive brown


Numerous colour shades available

Alumino dyes for anodised surfaces are already applicable at ambient temperature

Rapid dyeing is possible in many cases

A variety of shades from light to dark can be achieved by adjusting the bath parameters

Alumino dyes produce intense colour hues

Various degrees of light fastness are possible, depending on the intended use (indoor/outdoor)

Economical operation due to low make-up concentration

Photometric determination technique for bath monitoring

Alumino dye

Colour character


Alumino Brown H

Reddish brown

Alumino HF Blue HR

Intense blue

Alumino HF Green H

Forest green

The colours listed above only represent an extract from the currently available range of dyes. The colour fields are intended as an approximate assessment of the various colours.

Typical bath parameters for dyeing surfaces in organic black

Alumino HF Black BFW for an intense reddish-blue black color:


5 g/l Alumino HF Black BFW

pH value:

5.0 – 6.0

Bath temperature:

25 - 45 °C

Dyeing time:

1 – 10 minutes

Light fastness:

Rating > 9 (ISO 2135, for intense black; 500h)