FastsealAL - process

Maximum speed for the hot sealing procedure

Time saving in anodising operation

If you believe the saying "time is money", then this can of course also be applied to the anodising operation. Any kind of time saving in the most time-consuming pretreatment step, hot sealing, is of course of great interest. It would be nice if an anodised layer of 20 µm only required 40 minutes or even 30 minutes instead of the usual 60 minutes of hot sealing time. Since 2 min./µm are already possible today with suitable hot seal additives and still acceptable sealing values, the new FastsealAL process (Alfiseal 938) achieves a further time advantage. Anodised surfaces can be pretreated with this process with only half the sealing time.

What are the benefits of the procedure?

Alfiseal 938 is metal-free and requires no subsequent rinsing of the surface

Reduction of hot sealing time to up to 1 min./µm, even with coloured surfaces

Good sealing quality despite shorter sealing times

Prolongation of bath life due to “never-dump” operation, easy filtration

Seal additive can be analysed for quality-compliant application

At 2 minutes/µm hot sealing time a Qualanod - compliant operation is possible

Meets the usual quality requirements

Hot sealing

Hot sealing time


Anodic oxide layer thickness [µm]

Weight loss test results

according to




Alfiseal 938, C0
Fastseal AL - Process



10 - 15

Alfiseal 942 , C0 (reference system)



10 - 15

Typical application data for the FastsealAL - process



pH - value

Treatment time

3 – 4 ml/l Alfiseal 938

at least 96°C

5.8 – 6.2

1 – 3 minutes/μm (ideally: 1.5 - 2 min./μm)

Black and gold - coloured surfaces free of smut thanks to Alfiseal 938
(2 min./μm hot sealing time)

A good rinsing technology is a prerequisite for sealing that conforms to quality standards.