New developments

Research and development

New ideas and their implementation – this is our path to innovative solutions.

Our ideas and our creativity ensure that you will stay ahead of the competition. For only consistent research and continuous further product development make possible pioneering innovations and continued success.

Alufinish gives all to achieve this goal – as an investment in your future as well as in ours.


The trend toward more colours  –  The Terra-ColorAL – and Copper-ColorAL – processes

The market ist constantly demanding new colour compositions and structures. Sometimes glossy and black is called for; at others colourful and matt.
Therefore Alufinish intensified the work on developing interesting, electrolytically applicable colours. In addition to its established processes like stainless steel colour on aluminium (Alfisteel process) and copper colour on aluminium (Copper-ColorAL process) a further process was developed. The new development is called Terra-ColorAL process and is a dyeing process for creating typical wood and earth shades subsequent to anodising.

Terra-ColorAL – process

What is the Terra-ColorAL Process?

The Terra-ColorAL Process is an electrolytic two-step dyeing process for creating typical wood and earth shades subsequent to anodising. The process is similar to the conventional tin dyeing technique and is achieved with the two-component product Alficolor 650 and Alficolor 651.


  • Anodised colours in wood and earth shades
  • Electrolytically dyed (two step colouring procedure), thus high colour stability
  • Two-component system enables a wide range of colour variants
  • Numerous colour variations possible by modifying c, t, T and acidity
  • Can be easily integrated into existing facilities, e.g. using a former tin-colouring plant equipment
  • Plant equipment for colouring tin can be used
  • Individual components can be analysed for a high process reliability

A selection of possible colours depending on the pretreatment (matt finished, polished, mechanically processed) are visible in below picture gallery:

The Copper-ColorAL – process

What is the Copper-ColorAL process?

The Copper-ColorAL process is a two-step electrolytic dyeing process for achieving typical copper hues on anodised aluminium surfaces. The process is similar to the conventional colouring process used for tin and is carried out using the two-component product Alficolor 672 and Alficolor 692.









Apart from the advantages referred to above Terra-ColorAL process, it offers you

  • Typical copper shades from pink to dark wine red on anodised aluminium
  • Stabilised two-component system for uniform colouring and long bath life
  • Easily reproducible shades with simple maintenance effort

Organic Alumino – Dyestuffs

Are there also organic dip dyeings ? – Yes!

Dyes for adsorptive dyeing (dip dyeing) of anodised aluminium surfaces are also available. We can offer you 27 different Alumino dyes from our partner MDP, which are available worldwide.

The colour spectrum ranges from black, grey, brown, blue, green, red, orange and yellow to various intermediate tones.

They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on the light fastness of the chosen dye.

A selection of possible colours are visible in below picture gallery: