October 19

Alfiseal 942 – Easy – Seal AL Process

You need a hot sealing additive that will achieve clean, dry-to-handle surfaces with “anti-fingerprint” properties? Perhaps you are looking for an additive that meets all the Qualanod requirements and ensures the long-term stability of your sealing bath? Or maybe you need a special hot sealing product that will enable the professional bonding of anodised aluminium surfaces?  

Then taking a look at Alfiseal 942 is definitely worth your while!


  • Facilitates clean surfaces without any deposit and with excellent haptic properties
  • Liquid additive, ideal for automatic dosage and easy to analyse
  • Exceptional pH stability
  • The sealing bath is stable in the long term without becoming cloudy after a short time
  • Clean covering balls over a long period
  • Low initial expense and consumption costs
  • Compliance with material removal values acc. to ISO 3210 and Qualanod
  • Alkali resistance is improved (e.g. to VW TL 212) when used with cold sealing system Alfiseal 982/5
  • Enables bonding with natural coloured and dyed anodised aluminium surfaces (e.g. for building projects

You want to know more about Alfiseal 942? Get in touch with our team.

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