May 8

On January 1st 2020, Otmar Monreal took his well-deserved retirement. Mr Monreal has led Alufinish GmbH + Co. KG Andernach, a company specializing in metal chemistry, from a small, medium-sized company over the years together with his partner Jürgen Lutter to a globally successful company.With a view to a later successor, Dr. Nils Monreal and Stephan Zegers entered the company as Management Assistants. In collaboration with Otmar Monreal, they were able to familiarize themselves with all areas of the company.

The takeover of management by January 1st 2020 by Dr. Nils Monreal and Stephan Zegers make no significant changes in the philosophy of Alufinish. As a medium-sized company, Alufinish remains a very attractive employer and partner for all customers in surface finishing.

Dr. Nils Monreal, who holds a doctorate in process engineering, is primarily responsible for the operational side of the company.

Stephan Zegers has experience in the global aluminum B-to-B environment and will primarily deal with further global development.

The common goal is to further drive business development and to expand the global network for the distribution of chemical pretreatment products.

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