July 21

Prices for aluminium continue to rise

At the moment, aluminium prices are at a continuing high. A tonne of aluminium currently costs over 2,400 dollars. This is an increase of about 20% compared to the previous year. In addition to Chinese attempts to introduce aluminium to the market, the goal of lowering emissions is also leading to rising prices. Although the price has always fluctuated slightly in recent days, there is no sign of an end to the high.

Nevertheless, according to the International Aluminium Institute, the production of aluminium has continued to increase. Aluminium production grew by 5.8 % compared to the previous year. Thus, aluminium is and remains an expensive metal that enjoys great popularity on the global market.

Source: https://www.godmode-trader.de/artikel/aluminium-bleibt-ein-teures-pflaster,9541390

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