June 2

At a time when climate change is an ever-increasing threat, it is essential that companies take their responsibility and find sustainable solutions.

Integration of renewable energies

In the business environment and especially in industry, a lot of energy is needed every day. The use of renewable energy, such as solar energy or wind power, can help reduce the need for non-renewable energy. By reducing the use of fossil fuels and minimising greenhouse gas emissions, companies contribute to the fight against climate change and reduce their environmental footprint.

As part of its commitment to renewable energy, Alufinish has invested in solar energy to further improve its CO₂ balance. By installing photovoltaic systems on the buildings, the power of the sun is used to cover part of the energy needs. This leads not only to a reduction in CO₂ emissions, but also to savings in energy costs.

Electric mobility at Alufinish

Electric mobility plays an important role in reducing the environmental impact of the transport sector. For this reason, charging facilities for electric vehicles have been provided on the company premises. The electricity required is largely drawn from the installed photovoltaic systems. The decision to convert the vehicle fleet to electric cars was taken without any problems due to the arguments of emission-free driving and less wear and tear on the vehicle parts.

Environmental protection in product development

Of course, the protection of the environment cannot be achieved exclusively through renewable energies. Therefore, the implementation of a validated environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 was carried out in our company. This system ensures that environmental protection measures are integrated into all organisational processes. We are continuously working on the optimisation of all production processes in order to further reduce environmental pollution.

The goal is to drive sustainable development and actively contribute to environmental protection. Through the use of renewable energy, the promotion of electric mobility and the implementation of a certified environmental management system, it goes beyond mere compliance.

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