May 3

Whether in the garden, at the painting company or on the construction site: Ladders are an important part of many professions. Aluminium ladders are particularly popular here for many years. Aluminium ladders should be robust, easy to transport, of high quality and, above all, safe.

Numerous requirements arise depending on whether we are talking about requirements for a simple stepladder or professional scaffolding. Aluminium proves to be the ideal material for ladder manufacturing here, as it enables all these functions. Its protective function against the effects of weather is also high.

Ubes in Langdorp (Aarschot – Belgium) has specialised in the production of ladders for over 50 years. They offer a wide range of aluminum ladders and scaffolding for professional and semi-professional use. The SOLIDE and DAS brand ladders speak here for the highest quality and safety standards. SOLIDE and DAS are also Belgian market leaders in the field of ladders and stairs.

While the basic material, aluminium, already has good corrosion protection properties, the aluminium ladders at Ubes are additionally coated with a colorless powder coating system. Perfect adhesion between the metal and the powder coating is made possible by the Alfideox 101 – Alfisid 14 acidic etching degreasing system from Alufinish, which has been used in the immersion process since November 2022.

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