September 18

Alufinish has reason to celebrate. After 10 years of intensive outdoor weathering tests, the chrome-free corrosion protection process Alfipas 7816 has met the highest quality requirements of the GSB International e. V. quality association. This is a remarkable success for Alufinish and proof of the product’s quality. It is also the third Alufinish pretreatment process to meet these requirements.

A look at the examination

The test report proves the success of Alfipas 7816 after a ten-year test period. The samples, consisting of powder-coated aluminium profiles and sheets, were exposed to the elements in Hoek van Holland, a location on the North Sea with strong corrosion protection requirements. The tests were carried out in accordance with the standards GSB AL 631, ISO 8565:1992 and DIN EN 12206-1:2004. The samples were manufactured in a GSB International – certified pretreatment plant, with a representative of the association present and using a GSB International – approved powder coating system.

Meeting the highest requirements

The results are impressive. After 10 years of outdoor weathering in a demanding industrial and coastal climate in Hoek van Holland, Alfipas 7816 still meets the strict quality guidelines of the GSB International. This is a clear testimony to the quality and effectiveness of this corrosion protection process.

Award and certificate

Alufinish has been awarded a new material approval certificate for this achievement, confirming Alfipas 7816 as reliably meeting the GSB AL 631-2 quality guideline for pretreatment chemicals. This underlines the impressive performance of Alfipas 7816 and Alufinish’s remarkable ability to consistently maintain the highest quality standards.

The future of Alfipas 7816

This successful quality audit and special re-certification of Alfipas 7816 confirms its long-term reliability and performance. Annual monitoring until 2027 will ensure that the high quality is maintained. Customers can continue to rely on Alfipas 7816 as a trusted product in corrosion protection.

Alufinish has once again been able to prove itself in the industry, showing that its products can withstand the highest demands.

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