December 14

Energy costs have been rising in many countries around the world in recent months. Electricity and gas prices in particular are affected by enormous price increases. But what can anodising companies do about this cost increase in the short term? There are some ways to make your own processes more energy efficient.

Direct savings in the anodising process

Energy costs can be reduced directly with certain anodising processes. For example, the ENSAVAL process, also known as Alfinox 510, offers an overall saving of up to 13 percent on total costs. This is achieved by allowing an increased operating temperature of over 21°C, saving cooling energy and levelling out the aluminium concentration at approx. 25 – 30 g/l Al. This means that, in general, a new approach to the bath is not required. The ENSAVAL process shows a significantly lower temperature sensitivity compared to conventional processes and does not lead to the formation of soft anodisation layers. In this way, energy can already be saved in the anodising process.

The sealing process as a further optimisation option

Traditional hot sealing is also an energy-intensive process. In addition to the option of using classic or heavy-metal free Alufinish cold sealing products or the Qualanod-approved medium-temperature sealing Alfiseal 969, it is also possible to make the sealing process more efficient.

By reducing sealing times, it is possible, for example, to save energy at the same time. This is made possible by the Fastseal process (Alfiseal 938), with the help of which the compaction time can be reduced to up to one minute per µm. The metal-free additive effectively avoids “fingerprints” on coloured goods and at the same time leads to extended bath lifetime thanks to the “never-dump” mode.

Energy can also be saved in anodising operation

So it turns out that there are some, simple ways to make anodising operations more energy efficient and reduce costs. The named products are an example of this and also have a positive effect on the anodised end product at the same time. After all, in addition to the energy savings, the quality of the delivered goods is of course also maintained.

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