March 30

Sustainability in business is a wide-ranging topic that concerns all sectors of the economy. Some time ago we already reported on the relevance of aluminium in this topic. But why is aluminium a sustainable resource?

Good characteristics of aluminium as a material

One of the reasons for this is that aluminium has excellent basic properties. This is because aluminium can be recycled. 75 % of the aluminium ever produced is still in the economic cycle. And even after its product life, aluminium can be recycled in most cases. This saves up to 95 % of the energy that would otherwise be needed to produce primary aluminium.

Aluminium as a light metal

Modern concepts often try to increase sustainability by reducing energy resistance. For example, vehicles are becoming more energy-efficient through modern lightweight construction methods and the energy requirements of buildings are being reduced through smart solutions. As a light metal, aluminium offers an essential basis for following such approaches. But aluminium is also an opportunity to reduce energy consumption in the packaging industry. For example, aluminium packaging can save weight in transport, but above all it can be used for recycling in the value chain. This ensures that aluminium offers potential for energy reduction and energy saving in many areas of industry.

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